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Monday, 19 December 2011

Chris Packham's 'A Wild Life Exposed'

I met one of my idols the other week! Chris Packham; conservationist and wildlife photographer - he basically has my dream job, dammit! Anyway, after a whole day of sitting behind my stall at the Festive & Vintage Market (made £50 - could've been worse, I suppose) I bundled my stuff together, and rushed off to the train station to catch the train to Morecambe to see his talk. Despite the train being delayed by half an hour (typical!) and gale-force winds against me the whole way, I made it 15 minutes before the start. It was packed, but oddly enough, my favourite seat for talks & gigs - on the left, third row back, third seat in - was still available. Seating was first come first served, and there were several hundred people already there, yet 'my' seat was still there? Weird. But good.

ANYWAY. He talked a bit about his photography, and a lot about conservation, and was generally all-round dreeeeamy! I decided I had to be brave and talk to him afterwards, and I was telling him that I'd always wanted to do a science degree in Wildlife Conservation rather than the art degree I've got, and he said he'd always wanted to do an art degree!

I even got a photo with him! :D


I had to ask some old guy to take the photo, but he wasn't very good, hence the blurriness. He chopped our heads off the first time. I've cropped it & tried to save it in Photoshop. OH OH! But the best bit was that we both reached to adjust the angle of the camera in an annoyed way at exactly the same time! Haaa!! :D

*heart-eyes forever*



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