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Monday, 30 January 2012


I've taken inspiration from (or rather, nicked the idea from!) the lovely Naomi, and decided to use photos of friends and acquaintances as reference for some of my sketches. I often use my own face as a sort of template for my characters, or rather, my idea of my face, simply because I kind of know what I look like (sometimes my idea differs) and, well, my face is with me all the time. Anyway, I really need to practice drawing other noses and other teeth and other hair. All my friends are so beautiful and wonderful looking, and I don't know why I haven't done this before!

If any of you particularly want me to draw you, just drop me a comment - that goes for anyone who reads this; I don't have to already know you! It may not turn out to be an exact likeness, but hopefully the sketches will be vaguely recognisable as real people!

Oh, and most of you will be turned into fantastical beings of course.

This is the beautiful, ethereal Natalee May.
(Please excuse the terrible photo; I still haven't got my camera back, & I don't own a scanner)


  1. Oooo meeee please darling Moo! <3
    I keep meaning to try this as well.

    1. I would be honoured to draw such an excellent Treehead! :D ♥

      Do iiiiiit!!