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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Labyrinth times, Manchester times, new camera + NEW AWESOME BOOTS!

Ha, I'm so behind with my blog (as usual!)

So a few weeks ago I got the chance to see my all-time favourite film, Labyrinth, at the cinema! This is a pretty big deal, in fact this is a HUGE deal, as it came out the year after I was born, so I'd only ever seen it on the TV. It was very last-minute, and I wouldn't have known about it if the lovely Nygel hadn't told me about it.

The chain of events:

Me: *at work, minding my own business*
Nygel: *wanders in* "Oh, there's a film on at the Dukes... you've probably never heard of it." *smirk*
Me: "Hmm?"
Nygel: "You probably won't even like it." *hands me the programme*
Me: *reads 'Labyrinth' is on at the cinema for one day only*
       *proceeds to run round cafe flailing and scaring customers*

It was also digitally remastered. DIGITALLY REMASTERED GIANT BOWIE-CROTCH.

*mops brow*


Pre-movie excitement - not sure why Nygel looks so scared?
Had I just mentioned remastered Bowie crotch? That would explain my uber-glee too.

There were even badly draw print outs to colour in afterwards!

It was every bit as wonderful as I expected it to be, and it took me a while to recover from the awesomeness! Thanks, Nyyyge! :D

I'm a bit gutted that Naomi Von Monsta couldn't watch it too, but it was so last minute I nearly couldn't go myself. I'm sorry, Fiiiiiend!! :(

Also! The other day Nygel gave me these woooonderful boots from his theatrical days, that he'd stumbled across whist packing to move house! They're pretty much the ideal faery boots, and fit perfectly. Mmm, burgundy and leather and swirly.

Rubbish phone pic. Proper outfit phoots will be phooted at some point!

I got a new camera recently as well, and I'd forgotten just how much I love taking photos... my soul has felt a little shrivelled lately, and I think being camera-less has played a big part in it. I have been on several phooting-jaunts already, but I'll save that for another post. But here, have a crappy webcam shot of my fancy new camera! XD

Behold! (Also, innuendos aplenty!)

I also met up with one of my besties Syxx in Manchester recently, and went on a Krispy Kreme donut binge. Chinese buffet was also had, as is our tradition, and much nonsense was spoken! ♥

(photos courtesy of Syxx)


Chocolate soya milk and iced milk tea! Oriental supermarkets FTW!

K, this disjointed and structureless post has come to a fittingly abrupt end, and regular blogging will hopefully commence soon!

And just because last month was a Rammstein kinda month, have some angry, sexy German music.



  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. // aww, thank you so much for your kind words <3 Baileys knew that people cherished him even through the blog. I used to tell him whenever people commented on how beautiful he was, and i told him. Im glad he became sort of an icon for the blog <3 he will remain that way<3